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    Laptops Daddy

    @hyde911 wrote:

    Try this one.

    i will not!

    no, wmp – i meant windows media player. my pc audio could literally make your ears bleed with the wrong setting (i think) (i havent tested). i dont really use tone controls. im all, denon seperate amp, oxygen free cables etc on the main one. not really pc speakers. i usually just adjust the sub output if i need more bass or whatever.

    dont really need that stuff. thanks though!

    should we start a new thread for Most Used Hardware? or is it best we dont go there



    If you thought Nair was a good application, you’ll love my most used hardware.



    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    or is it best we dont go there

    I agree again!


    A Moogle

    Pnut – you use the KDE desktop? I personally think it’s a bit too much, glitter-wise. I like and use Gnome, but typically grab Konqueror due to its browser ID options. (A few sites won’t display properly unless I fake the ID, since I’ll only use it and Epiphany. Don’t like firefox.)



    I’m an RPM/KDE man!

    And using konquerer as your web browser if criminal and removes ANY possibility of me paying the SLIGHTEST attention to anything you EVER say EVER AGAIN!!!



    Hlo peeps-Has been a while 😳

    Vista Ult. 64
    1)Firefox *With “Fasterfox”add on, set on ~Turbo Charged~* Prefetch for a few..
    4)Windows DVD Maker
    5)Windows Movie Maker

    Nair = 😆



    umm most used r 1- Firefox
    2- scorched3d.exe
    3- irfan view ( thank u pom for this , nice software)
    4- window media player
    5- nokia pc suit

    i want to add something may be i have to work more on field than office . mobiles have gone beyond the phone calls, sms, emails . latest mobiles have processors of 1 Ghz and 512 mb RAM. in developing country like India where infrastructure r still not good beyond cities, mobile internet is growing at unimaginable speed. there will be 500 millionth mobile customer very soon growing 10 million mobile customer every month. India is just behind china in terms of mobile customer . so may be sooner we have mobile scorched3d then expected . well may be i am dreamer 🙂 .



    1. IE 8
    2. Phun/Algodoo
    3. Scorched3D
    4. The Powder Toy
    5. Paint.NET



    1. Firefox
    2. uTorrent
    3. Chrome
    4. Windows Media Player
    5. Skype



    1. Firefox
    2. Windows Live Messenger
    3. Winamp
    4. Cheatbook Database 2010
    5. VmWare Player

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