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    st -f ‘../sound/Sound.cpp’ || echo ‘./’`../sound/Sound.cpp
    In file included from ../sound/Sound.cpp:35:
    /usr/local/include/AL/alut.h:52: error: ‘’ has incomplete type
    /usr/local/include/AL/alut.h:52: error: invalid use of ‘ALvoid’
    make[3]: *** [Sound.o] Error 1
    make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/server1/share/scorched/src/client/scorchedc’
    make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
    make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/server1/share/scorched/src/client’
    make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/server1/share/scorched/src’
    make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

    That’s the error I got while trying to compile scorched on Fedora 13. This error was giotten during the compie of the downloaded source tarball.


    problem has been resolved. see steps in my message below



    configure: creating ./config.status
    config.status: error: cannot find input file: `’

    This error was gotten during the “./confiigure” phase of installing using the source code downloaded from SVN



    Panther are you using the SVN version for your server?
    If so I wouldn’t. I would use the or src.tar.gz from this link
    That way you don’t get any of the code changes that Gavin might have made since the release. Just an idea.



    I’m having trouble figuring out chich command line options to use when compiling the following programs from their sources.


    I dont know if there are other prerquisites for scorched that will ned a fresh compile from their source or not. Please let me know what i need to do. had everything working several days ago and didn’t cdocument exactly what i needed to do an now i’m having some issues.




    okay no more problems with wxGTK. but… OpenAL…. well i’ve compiled the newest souce and the openal-config no longer exists. and iv’ve tried disabling openaltest. but the error in my first message still shows up when I run make.



    openal-config has been a pain for me since I started building from source. For me to build on ubuntu I have to patch the source first. I will attach the patch, you will need to rename it to scorched.patch. Dont know if this will work on fedora or not. Some one else probably knows a better why to do it.

    patch < scorched.patch
    sh –disable-openaltest CXXFLAGS=-lalut

    sudo make install

    You might look here for other ideas with fedora.


    Laptops Daddy

    @panther30 wrote:

    I dont know if there are other prerquisites for scorched that will need a fresh compile from their source or not.

    arent freealut-devel and openal-devel are separate packages? make sure you have alut.

    this was a complete list of deps last i knew: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=5622&p=53498&hilit=compile+g+#p53498

    i havent compiled in linux in a long while, but ive never had to mess about compiling or patching dependencies – thatd be enough hassle so i wouldnt bother. (windows is usually my main os). i think s3d has always compiled smoothly out of the box for me, except for that gcc 4.3 viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5504&p=52195&hilit=compile+g+#p52195 thing a while back



    I forgot a step in the install Irish, or your fix probably would have worked for me (I deleted /usr/local/inclued/AL in perparation to recompile opena-soft wish is the same version as the openal packages i installed )

    anways here is what I did

    compiled wxgtk-2.8.11 –with-gtk –disable-shared

    comiled an older version of openal that still had openal-config (probablyunneccessary)

    deleted /usr/local/include/AL (as root through webmin)

    installed openal packages from repository ( and devel package)

    compiled openal-soft from source (same version as the packages I installed above)

    compiled scorched –with-mysql

    and it worked I dont know why I had to go through all these redundant steps to do it, but I’m makingthis post so that i know what seems to work ( i just spent four days installing and uninstalling inux trying to figure all ths out)

    incidentally in the course of the installs i tested an Ubuntu based linux livecd for Mint 9 which kept video crashing on my servers intel graphics but works find on an older laptop i have with SIS mirage graphics. I guess I’ll be using fedora as a sever for quite a bit longer.



    Thats one thing I like about linux, theres usually more than one way to do something. Stick with fedora if its working for you. I use centos for servers, which follows redhats release schedule + 4 to eight weeks. If you want to use a deb based server check out debian or ubuntu server.

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