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    Was messin around with new version in single player mod and noticed some very odd behavior with the DH’s. when shooting a DH at 0 degrees it will not dud conventionally it penatrates all obstacles and comes through the other side and continues to go until it hits the water, then the shot cam follows it underwater for at least 8 to 10 seconds before the next turn starts. Also when shooting it at an angle into a wall where it should dud it continues to its apex and detonates regardless if it position. IE: in the middle of a mountain, after it passes through the mountain and into a cavern ceiling.

    I kinda like it. 😀 😀 😀



    yup, just experienced the same thing:

    weapons: DeathHeads, MIRVS, Spread MIRVS

    0 deg. Firing 1000 pwer then pressing 4 to follow —> you can follow this dud for 30 seconds (yup, I actually timed it)

    – – – – –

    same weapons

    15 deg. 1000 power firing into nearby hilltop —> will go into ground before apexing, resulting in a dud.

    15 deg. 1000 power firing into nearby hilltop —> will go into ground before apexing but will come out on opposite side until weapon finally apexes (due to travel time) then warheads are released and explode on contact. This is wicked as Wowbagger mentions above, & rather Cool..but it just goes against all the rules of making a good shot (if you fire these weapons into the ground before it apexs…to bad…you’ve just duded a $30,000 DeathHeath)

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