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    Here is i am,gays!!!! 8) I just want to say,what i dont understand what are you speaking about…I am banned for 2 weeks on your fucked up server and dont know what a problems you have!!!!So go fuck yourselves!!I play another game now ==> half life 2 .
    ps.In my contry are revolution and i have no time to look at your fucked up kids at your servers 😛 Adios!


    hoopy frood

    Hope your f’en Liver drops out of your gutless turd of a body you creep.

    How dare you use my I.D.

    I will risk My being banned to say your a gutless turd scumbag for using my I.d.

    Hope you die in the gutter of that 3rd world country you live in.


    Die you piece of SHIT.



    In a way its nice to see that he likes us and the game so much he cannot stand to be away. Perhaps we should just take it as a huge complement. He loves us and wants to be us 😉



    Awww, that’s so *sniff* kind of him.


    Apollo Tangent

    Kudos to you Gavin!

    For recognizing a poop for a sh*t.

    Moke, when they let you out of the institution. You’re invited to a knuckle sandwich dinner. I’ll TREAT!!!!!!

    I haven’t seen a more self emasculating bozo since…..

    Well Okay Moke is the first!

    I bet they taste good with humble pie for desert.

    Mine aren’t salty! I Bathe every day. 😈



    thanks fer the good times, Moke. You’re welcome to jump in front of my tank anyday. I mean, sheesh, he mistook me for Agent X once after I clearly ranked in at 8. Darwin award waiting to happen…

    Quite a feat to develop a game that morons will try to corrupt and plead forgiveness when the get caught, and then continue to try to corrupt when they get a second chance. And once busted for good, they STILL try to to get into the game and bend it to their will. You have a hold on Moke, Gavin, and he is clearly none to pleased with being in the power of another, and so he tries to claim the power for himself by establishing himself as a person to be reckoned with, for good or evil, though he foolishly chose to be a force for ill, only he is continually thwarted in his attemts to claim the power for himself, which further infuriates him, leading him to ever more extravagant and complex feats to impress his control over it.

    Control. It has to be the central issue here. Perhaps Moke has no control within his home life, and he feels a need to exert control somewhere else. Upon finding a pastime worthy of his attention (heretofore known as Scroched3D) he attempts do dominate it, both with skill and personality. While succeeding with one, he falls incredibly flat with the other, which in his eyes renders his one victory completely useless. So now it appears that he is moving on to another pursuit that may prove more fruitful then his current endeavors. Mayhaps he will find the succor he desires there, since all I’ve ever heard about the original CounterStrike was how many cheaters played the damn thing and the patches released to fix the cheats were hacked and exploited within ten minutes, creating a new horde of cheaters, leading to the creation of a vicious cycle of cheating that severely inhibited fresh, new players from enjoying the game as it was meant to be played, without cheats and abuses, unless they, too, became corrupted and so cheated, if only to maintain parity with those established already. So, Moke, I wish you, if not a fond “Farewell”, then at least a “Sorry to see you go, you never should have been here to begin with.” And dude, if your mom is still dressing you at your age, I can only hope you find more of your kind out there in the online community, because the abuse you dealt here is only a fraction of that which will be dealt to you by your “contemporaries”.



    some1 ban that tard already sheeesh

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