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    last night i compiled s3d 41 in my opensuse 10.2. the compile it self went fine.

    run it, playing in single player mode, slows like hell. but then when i look at ksysguard, i notices that there’s two scorchedc process in the ksysguard. i assume, maybe if i kill 1 of the process the game will run at normal speed. i kill 1 scorchedc process, the one with the lower PID number. btw, when and after i kill the process i still play the game/the game still running. and walah… the game runs at normal speed. but, when i’m done playing, i can’t close the main s3d dialog (the one with play, settings, etc), can’t even click anything in it. i have to kill it from kysguard.

    anyhints why this is happening?



    The main launcher dialog, execs the scorchedc process and then waits for the return value to see if it was successful or crashed or whatever.

    I’ve just tried and clicking Play twice on the launcher will start 2 copies of the game. So perhaps that’s what happened.

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