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    Laptops Daddy


    Theres a bug in the code relating to tank selection in team games. The bug leads to a game crash (program exit, anyway), so it definitely needs fixing.

    To reproduce, join a team game server – there will be no tanks displayed. If you click cancel to join as a spectator without first selecting a tank category to force the tanks to display, the game will exit when you switch from spectator to player. (DIALOG_ASSERT(models_.size());, GLWTankViewer.cpp line 438).


    Lua scripts seem to be blocked from server mod upload (ie the .lua extension). This isnt serious, the scripts seem to parse with a .txt extension.

    **A work around for 1/ above would be very helpful if anyone can come up with something.



    Would like to bump this.
    Usually hate to do it, but with the team tournament starting in a week, the team spectate kick issue is a real problem.

    To re-iterate the problem.

    Upon joining server and getting past the MOTD and into the tank/name/coloUr selection screen, no tanks appear.
    If someone then cancels to spectate without selecting a tank catagory and then a tank, they’ll get kicked as soon as they press ‘R’ and skip the MOTD.

    The error is:

    If a tank is selected prior to spectating, when pressing ‘R’ to then join, the tank selection screen does show and the player can join. (although it still doesn’t show any tanks until a catagory is picked (the catagory picked previously is the default but no tanks are shown in it initially)).

    This happens with the default mod aswell as with Laptops luamod.



    I tracked down the cause for team selection crashes, here’s a patch that should fix it.



    Thanks, applied and fixed. Had a look at the file downloading code and the lua files should be able to be downloaded ok.

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