Hi pizza, как дела?
@xtc wrote:

Sorry if i’m repeating something what have been already said, I think that including foreign characters into game chat should be made a server option so that international players wont get characters they dont have support for and understanding of.

Why not. i think this will make game far more interesting if someone see on the chat international characters, typed by the other players. regardless he can or not understand characters (or language) of the others. it is all about fun.

The same think is happenig right now. ppl type in their own language using latin letters. that chat is visible by everyone. and nobody complains because he does not understand others talk.

Other idea:
internationalization of the BOT. Imagine we have 2-3 international speaking bots. And from time to time they say something on chinese or Hebrew for example 😀

There may be a problem whit some languages when they are not supported by these fonts.
For example, if you able to type in japan (japan is not supported) you and the others will probably see empty chars or ‘squares’