@andrey_s wrote:

Mmm… I want to add smth…
Look, it’s end of april now… I was looking at servers’ activity almost every day (several times a day) during 2012 stats series (looking for the good game, of course). And there was minimum activity on the Main server, while the Beginners was pretty active. The situation is the same now — nobody plays Main. And when I joined S3d in september 2011, it became obvious for me that Main stats matters and Beginners stats – doesn’t. I mean situation with these stupid bots.
Now (and earlier maybe too), when most people play on the Beginners server, its stats looking senseless, because of those guys who play with bots for hours. I understand that one can play with some noobs as well, but WHY NOT TO REDUCE SKILL POINTS FOR KILLING A BOT? Reduce to 1 or 0, e.g. Or smth like that (didn’t think much about)…

Im not going to lie mate, I can hardly understand what your saying.. ❓

Ok got it now. Why even have stats for begginers at all? Why not just have kill requirements?