@acid22 wrote:

Hello people in charge: I have been playing the new version(with working view 4)
for a few days with no problems.

Tried to play last night and was blocked as I did’nt have 50 kills(or any kills
apparently!). Had to create new Acid and kill 50 bots & noobs to play. I’m now
ranked 14(original me) and 25(new me). I can now only play as the new
improved Acid with no medals etc etc. Can I be the original Acid again please?

Also there is a ‘Player 21’ stuck on beginners (90 hours so far)that is slowing
the whole thing down……..I want my money back 😉

Can’t help with the stuck player since i gave back my admin power, one of
the new controllers will have to do that.

As for the account, they were all set back to no-kills when gavin restarted
the stats series. Even players that were high rank last stats have to make a
fresh start. Your old account linked to the medals is still valid; you only need
to use that ident key again and re-gain the initial 50 kills like everyone else.

I haven’t bothered yet since the limits in beginner are back to before i tuned it
ages ago. Timers, cramped turn counts, and locked market prices. Everything
i was asked to correct last time..