@laptops Daddy wrote:

hi. they call that cube a bounding box. it’s all we have at the moment.
the only way round it for a large model is to place each piece of the roof as a
separate object.

i think youre requesting what they call a convex hull. id love to see it! i think
ive requested it myself. (others have too). there must be a load of forum
posts on it if you can find them.

Agreed. As of yet, the Box or the alternative Bounding-Sphere are all we
can work with.

Anyone who’s played Swars, has seen this effect when they tried shooting
in to or out of the ATAT’s..

With a little twisting, you can segment the model into components, and
reconstruct it inside the map to allow areas within or under the model to
be hollow for missiles. This also would allow you to blow bits off your buildings
in a lovely destructive way 😀

We have already requested that Gavin consider model-shaped models
for further releases, or at least closer to the models shape.. as it would
probably take a bit more processing to determine the edges of each one
across a whole map.