pastor of muppets

This just in…IT guy is getting 2+ mbps download and 1+ upload extremely cosistently. They claim it was the shimmer off the water from the lake that our signal crossed and have pointed him to a new tower. He says things are great now he feels like he went from dial up to cable.

As I mentioned before he paid 90 dollars for the telephone pole. Check this out, he recommended to them that they use his pole to add a repeater for those in our area. They told him that they have had several complaints in the area and would discuss it. They then came back and said “it’s a go” we will use your pole to add a repeater. They are now in discussions of what kind of rent they will be paying him 😀 Looks like free ISP service for life is what they are leaning towards. Nice 90 dollar investment if you ask me.