Greetings fellows! I thought i’d weigh in on something regarding this thread. Not so much about the shutdown, but about unions. Those that know me know I am a conservative in most aspects. But I do take issue to union bashing.

I do realize unions can be an employees worst enemy in certain cases. That’s just a fact. But unions are not useless in every scenario. On the plus side Unions help dime a dozen employees make a decent salary, and as a result raise the pay of the private sector within the same field. If you were to take all unions out of the picture, you are creating a huge sector of the population making 8 dollars an hour. Unskilled labor have been making that since the late 80’s early 90’s. At some point something has to give. I drink and smoke 8 dollars an hour. :mrgreen:

The obvious drawback to this is as a tax payer I end up subsidizing employees wages through government aid. As a conservative Republican I understand a job is worth what people are willing to take for that job. But as a realist I do not want to be a part of subsidizing cheap labor. I feel the employer has more of a responsibility to pay their employees than the tax payer.

All in all I think unions have their role. I do not believe they should dominate the workforce, but a small union presence (where needed) would compliment the workforce. To eliminate unions altogether will make us a much poorer country overall. Big business will be the only entity to reap the benefits, not only from much cheaper labor, but aided by the tax payer toward that goal.