I’m not sure about the solution Laptops’s Daddy has propossed, perhaps it would be more efficient.

I am sure that the method I have described will allow any and all Scorched 3D servers to do periodic shutdowns, for any reason, without disrupting a game. Disruption of a game being the worst of sins, this seemed critical.

The option being built into and released with the server code, of course.

If implemented, having adjustable server lock out and game hold times might be better than hard coding them. Perhaps someone needs to be down for an hour once a day to do business transfers and wants to give eveyone 15 minutes or so to sign up before starting the next game.

“No problem at all. All you do is …
Set it and forget it!” – Ron Poppeil

“See you tomorrow about the same time?”
“Sure, I’ll try to get here a little early and we can chat.”
“Ok, sounds good. It’s hard to chat much while we’re playing.”
“I’ll try to log in as soon as the server comes back up.”
“Ok, me too.”