I have been playing since septemer i think, I have played rommels apoc mod 3 or 4 hours a day and after 3 weeks i could keep up with the top players.Then apoc champions disappeared and i stopped playing until v 41 Then i played thrax merge mod for 4 or 5 weeks getting to rank 1 for one day(i had to play at least 5 hours a day to get up to princey) then i lost interest, at the moment i play sometimes in main and i usually keep up, but i prefer mods- they change a lot and its a challenge to adapt to the changes.Too bad not too many people play them.
The main thing to get a high rating is to play as much as possible when noone is on so you can just target practice on bots and occasional players.
You probably get 3 times the kills compared to when there are “pros” in the room.
The statistics give a distorted view of who is the better player, it merely indicates who plays most.
Its almost impossible to get any hard evidence from statistics only suspicion, imo they are unneccesary but i dont suggest or to get any support for them to be removed.It would be nice to see a better representation of the quality of players tough.imo someone who plays only 2 hours a week never gets to the top ten.