chastise-–verb (used with object), -tised, -tis·ing.
1. to discipline, esp. by corporal punishment.
2. to criticize severely.
3. Archaic. to restrain; chasten.
4. Archaic. to refine; purify.

Looking at the definition of chastise we can rule out that i`m chastising you in the sense of no1 i cant inflict any corporal punishment as i probably live on the other side of the globe,and if i could i wouldnt- its something i dont believe in.
no3 is someting i dont have anyway of doing either- this is the domain of the admins as you have expierienced.
no4 is something i may hope you do to yourself as rational thinking people usually try to improve themselves.
That leaves no2, i dont think i criticised you severely -possibly slightly in my first post

Its nice to see legion has found its rational self again and will behave in a way that honours himself.

It was my ironic way of saying that you are overreacting.
The second post
Dear legion,

I know that in your heart you are decent person, but your temperament is too much for a lot of players.If you keep insulting people and SHOUTING at them they stop listening to the part of you thats rational.
so please,do everyone and most of all youself a favour and tone it down a bit, i mean youre muted at the moment it could get worse if you refuse or are incapable to behave, thats not what i think must happen ,thats how reality works.

highest regards,bazzz

I can see how you might think its critisism, as i point out that you have a strong temperament and i suggest it would be better if you relax a little.
If i somehow offended you that way-think about the people who you critisise and call names.
I`m merely predicting the future-if you continue to behave badly people will treat you badly and not listen to a thing you have to say, i mean if i gave someone the most valuable advice i could give and then call him stupid it would be unlikely that information would stick.
thats enough chastising for today(i`m being ironical) 😉

I promise i will carefully read you next post and comment on it in a low-chastising manner as long as you dont call anyone names-thats the moment i tune out

Highest regards-bazzz