@legion wrote:

Okay then what about my last post ??
It’s quite rational and if you stop with the chastising and seriously answer my questions I would be satisfied enough to shut my mouth for now.
How long have you been playing? How come you’re not a top 10 player??
Is it because you just aren’t that skilled of a player,or not spending enough time online playing to compete?
What I’m trying to get people to do– is think about how long it took them to get the skill they have in this game.How much practice and time before they really became a good player.
It doesn’t happen overnight .
Also,can anybody please explain (in layman’s terms)how the aimbot works,just so I will have a better understanding of it. I would very much appreciate that,if you wouldn’t mind.

I am sure I speak for most when I say that posts like this one will get you far more positive responses and generally more respect from fellow players.
When speaking about top 10 players there’s a huge difference if you mean by rank or by skill (not the skill number in the stats since it’s rubbish but who you simply consider to be the best). Rank is more than anything dependant on how much time you have on your hands to play on the server since it is based on kills. Who the most skilled players are is highly subjective and I guess there are almost as many top 10 lists as there are players. Depending on how much you play and your talent you can become a serious contender in this game in a matter of months (it took me about a year to become what I would consider a fairly good player).
A decent aimbot (brrr that just feels wrong but oh well) for this game will calculate where the projectile will land based on power, angle and the physical parameters indicating where your shot will land (like an on the fly tracer). It is impossible to miss unless you choose to with it turned on. Basically it makes the game really really boring to play unless your only pleasure is to ruin the game for others.