OK Big Bear then you go to beginners and get 38 kills and win all 10 rounds.
Just like you telling me cheating is part of the game and that I should get used to it. Now that is the most screwed up attitude I have ever seen.
NO -I will never get used to cheating and cheating should be okay only when monkeys fly out of your butt-NEVER.
But maybe you all that have the computer savvy should be working on trying to catch the people using aim bot’s,instead of having an attitude of complacency and saying it’s part of the game.It is the one thing that is ruining the game for everybody,and yes,it pisses me off that these losers are using it,but WAKE UP ! It is clearly a bigger problem than you think,and sticking your head in the sand won’t make it go away.
So unless I see a screenshot of your 38 kills and 10 round wins –I’m not shutting my pie-hole ,cause I think it’s extremely hard to do that and have real players in the game along with AI unless you cheat !!!