@willis wrote:

Now in relation to this server idea I won’t say I disagree, becuase its true bb -> misslies are the best show of skill. However I won’t say I fully support it because other weapons and sheilds and fuel are what make Scorched, well.. Scorched. Its just how the game is played.

I’m not asking that the regular servers be shut down.

I’m not asking for a totally-restrictive, no-items-at-all server.

All I’m asking for is one server that doesn’t allow shields to be purchased/used.
I want all the other weapons, defenses, accessories; economics; & gameplay — just NO shields.

How is this No-Shields-but-all-other-items server any worse than M.O.’s MissileRange, which is a fine server to play on & to practice accuracy?

@boy wrote:

to everyone complaining about the shield settings: You might not like this 😡 , but the problem is YOU, you could solve it easily if you were determined to defeat the shields instead of complaining about them.

I actually DONT CARE what the shield settings are very much because (in my mind) I can use any stratagy or weapon as well as the next guy.

I agree & disagree with you, Boy. And I’ll use your own words to show you why.

For players that are experienced OR ARE WILLING to take the time to become experienced without getting discouraged first, adapting to ANY game’s mechanics & strategy is obviously required.

@boy wrote:

I actually like the shield settings, but i recognize that they worsen the imbalance between poor and good players.

However, any game that has any overly unbalanced game mechanics can produce too large a disparity in play outcome. This can quickly reduce the average players’ chances of learning or improving their game. And in online games where players do not know each other personally, the disparity in game play can become too discouraging too quickly so that newb/average players quit & never come back rather than stick around & learn/improve.

@boy wrote:

Consider this….. assume that all players are equally experienced in a game of 6 players. one player is blessed with beautiful spot on round 1, resulting in 3 kills and a round win. The intrest on these kills is enough to support his shield habbit for the rest of the damn game. Other players not so well blessed, must immediately begin buying heavy weapons to hopefully defeat this shield monger, OR resort to sitting on their money to get some intrest for shields later on (a risky scheme).

But consider if all the players are NOT equally experienced — that some newbs are playing the game & are interested in learning how to play, but don’t quite understand the vast chasm of game unbalance that can occur in your above scenario. These newbs try over & over again to score a kill, but against experienced players with shields & money management techniques they invariably fail to make kills & instead get killed themselves again & again.

@boy wrote:

I tend to think the old Force shield setting was idiotic since a well shot digger would render it absolutely pointless (actually, they very nearly still do the same thing!!!)

I agree that V37 shields were too weak; could easily be taken out with baby weapons. And I don’t know if I really think that V38 shields are too strong. I don’t know exactly how shield strength, or shield price, or shield effectiveness should be modified — if at all.

I just think that M.O.’s server & perhaps a non-shields server would provide an alternative game experience that eliminates one of the currently overly-unbalanced game mechanisms.

@willis wrote:

First, enconomic strategy is NOT a problem, its a plus to this game.

@boy wrote:

AMEN!!! I could not agree more But, reducing intrest would in many ways INCREASE the economic stratagy, also consider that shooting skill EQUALS economic stratagy.

I certainly agree that economic strategy is a very important & fun aspect of the game. It allows infinite possibilities for each player’s gameplay. One player’s effective weapon is another player’s useless weapon & vice versa.

Which is again why I requested a server that removes shields but no other items.

As a final thought, look at all the players that come on for 10-30 minutes, get zero kills, & probably never come back to play again.

Although many players tell these newbs to play offline & learn the game first, playing against non-human bots does NOT make you a better player against thinking, strategizing, experienced human players. The only way for these newbs to really learn is to have us experienced players teach them.

I know I’m not the only one, but I want EVERYONE that’s interested in this game to have the chance to come in, learn the game, enjoy the game, & not become too discouraged too quickly. I want to elevate EVERYONE’s gameplay — not just the relative few who are naturally good at games.

[This doesn’t even address the jerks (like mokes, 1’s, etc.) who just want to be #1 & screw everyone else’s feelings or fun in the process!]

Though it may not be helpful, a few of us try to teach newbs some of these lessons while we play & we encourage them not to give up so quickly. However, a game with overly unbalanced aspects can quickly lead to discouragement & quitting.

I just want there to be enough games & options that players of all skills from poor to experienced can play online with all of us & both enjoy the game & hopefully improve their game.