Well after seeing a post of gavin’s in the interface topic.

As far as lag is concerned I hope v38.1 delivers.

Otherwise I agree one other server would be welcomed, if possible and I think I’m robbing this from a diff post i seen.. but:

Player *name* tries to connect. Sorry it’s full.
Check Alternate Server? == false
(a second server is started up)
Player asked if to join ‘new’ server.
**life goes on peacefully, people come and go as they please**
Alternate server(s) contain 0 players > 30 minutes. // Long delay to minimize continious bootup and shutdown of servers.
(server is closed)

I dont feel restricting who can play on it by rank or such is wise; what happens then if regular server gets flooded by newer players and I attempted to join? I cannot because the alternate server would be defined as a new person’s server.